Dimitri from Paris & DJ Muro / Various Super Disco Friends

DJs Dimitri from Paris and Muro (from Japan) have collaborated on a double-disc mix of obscure disco tracks from the late ’70s and early ’80s. War and the Love Unlimited Orchestra are the only bands that casual fans of the era are likely to know; Bee Gees and Chic are nowhere to be found. Dimitri is up first, with a well-mixed and re-edited selection of tracks that will please any disco fan, or a fan of modern disco-influenced house. His mix has a fresh and exciting feel that would go down well at any house music club. DJ Muro’s disc is a little lighter, with more vocal tracks and a more Village People feel, which isn’t as bad as it sounds — it’s just a little more anthemic, rather than Dimitri’s groove-driven music. In any case, you’ll be surprised at how many tracks sound like the Sugarhill Gang, Chic and other popular groups of that era. I was surprised to hear almost no samples that have been recycled into today’s songs — these are truly obscure tracks. Those looking to delve deep into disco’s past should check this out. (Simian)