DIIV "Follow" (Memory Tapes remix)

DIIV 'Follow' (Memory Tapes remix)
Earlier this year, New York-based indie pop unit DIIV delivered their Oshin LP, with one of many highlights being the sparkly pop jangler "Follow." A remix from Memory Tapes has stripped away some of those crystalline guitar strums, but offers up a dance-pop-indebted take that's just as dreamy.

As for what's new, a live backbeat is swapped out for a drumpad clack, and the tune appears to be pitch-shifted down a few keys. If Zachary Cole Smith's hushed vocals generally lull you into a light slumber, the song's jittery closing guitar solo should shake you back to the land of the living. You can listen to the redo down below.

As previously reported, DIIV will be hitting the road with Wild Nothing next month and will be playing several Canadian dates. You can see the complete schedule here.

Oshin is out now on Captured Tracks.