Digits Rolls Out New Music with Serialized Album/Story Project

Digits Rolls Out New Music with Serialized Album/Story Project
Toronto electronic pop songwriter Digits was previously living in London, UK, and currently resides in Berlin, but all of the relocating doesn't seem to have hurt his productivity at all. Following this summer's Where Do You Belong? EP, Digits mastermind Alt Altman has begun rolling out his latest release.

The new collection is called In the City of the Dead. It's an unconventional multimedia release that functions as both an album and a serialized story, with each song being released along with an accompanying chapter of text.

The story is set in a dystopic future in which corrupt politicians and gang networks inadvertently cause a zombie outbreak. The star is J, a journalist and musician who survives by creating synth pop soundtracks for a gang. In an email, Digits described the story as "The Warriors + Escape From New York + zombies."

So far, three songs/chapters have been unveiled: "Prologue: In the City of the Dead," "Get Angry" and "Street Violence." Listen to them below. Altman is writing, recording and releasing the project as he goes, so follow along (and read the text so far) at his website.

Digits will perform at Toronto's Steam Whistle Unsigned concert series on November 16 with Beta Frontiers and Babe.