Die Mannequin Return with 'Neon Zero' LP, Share New Video

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 20, 2014

After appearing in Hard Core Logo 2, punky Toronto rock band Die Mannequin used some of the music from that movie for their 2012 release Danceland. Now, they're back with an all-new collection. Neon Zero is due out in October through eOne Music Canada.

It was created over eight months with co-producers Arion Anderson and Nathan Quinn, with mixing handled by Gavin Brown (Metric, the Tragically Hip, Sarah Harmer) and Lenny DeRose (Metric, the Tragically Hip, the Philosopher Kings). The bulk of the album was recorded in eight days in Vancouver with Andrew Conroy.

A press release describes the album's sound as EDM — that is, "Evil Dance Metal." It's said to combine electric guitar with electronic elements in a manner akin to Sleigh Bells and the Kills.

"I am such a riffy motherfucker," band leader Care Failure said in a statement. "I can't help myself. I'm a guitar wanker. There is never enough rock in it for me."

This is Die Mannequin's first full-length studio album since 2009's Fino + Bleed. For a taste of what they've cooked up, watch a comical dance video for the heavy, riff-fuelled electro-rock headbanger "Sucker Punch."

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