Die Mannequin Perform "Candide"

Die Mannequin Perform 'Candide'
Yesterday we posted the Exclaim! TV session with Dearly Beloved, and today we continue to pummel your eardrums with some more ultra-loud rock'n'roll from Die Mannequin.

Here Die Mannequin play "Candide" off their new Danceland EP. With impressive Marshall stacks set up in our backyard, they send out distorted guitars that rumble the Exclaim! office to its foundations and pretty much prevent the entire neighbourhood from getting any work done. In other words, this clip is a lot of fun.

Frontwoman Care Failure's sneering attitude never gets in the way of her vocal hooks. Meanwhile, the band exudes punk grit and authenticity. The combined effect makes Die Mannequin one of Toronto's premiere hard rock bands.

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