Die Antwoord "Evil Boy" (video)

Die Antwoord 'Evil Boy' (video)
We hope you guys like giant rubber dildos, because that's what takes up about 80 percent of the screen time in South African act Die Antwoord's latest messed-up clip. Seriously, they're everywhere! On trees, massive totems, a freaked-out monster and even attached to grimy MC Ninja's graffito'd boxer shorts. And that guy is spitting into what has to be a 72-inch schlong. It'd be impressive if it weren't so ooky.

Other highlights include the extreme-undercut-sporting beauty Yo-Landi Vi$$er stripping guest DJ Diplo down to his skivvies, drawing a pentagram on his chest and then jacking the dude's wallet. That's cold!

Oh, did we mention she's wearing a jacket made up of live white mice? And later on she removes her rodent garb to reveal her ta-tas. It's a bit uncomfortable, to say the least: Her nipples blink. Yegads.

Check out the big, freaky penis party in all its glory below. Needless to say, NSFW.