Dick Dale Guitar Legend: The Very Best Of Dick Dale

Without Quentin Tarantino, Dick Dale would still have had been the king of the surf guitar, but as soon as "Miserlou" was selected as the theme for Pulp Fiction, his musical legacy was well and truly cemented. Guitar Legend: The Very Best of Dick Dale is very much what it says on the cover: his best songs, along with a few more to pad the CD to 16 tracks. Considering that the surf music craze only lasted a few years at the beginning of the '60s, it makes sense that the majority of the tunes come from that period, including quite a few singles. Naturally, the mighty "Miserlou" still sounds majestic, as does "Let's Go Trippin'," with its less frantic pace, both showcasing Dale's unique playing style. The songs from later albums aren't bad either, but after 16 tracks things begin to merge together, suggesting that it might be best to pick a few of the highlights via iTunes rather than invest in the entire album. (Shout! Factory)