Diamond Rings "Something Else" (acoustic on Q TV)

Diamond Rings 'Something Else' (acoustic on Q TV)
Last year, Diamond Rings unleashed one of the most undeniably catchy dance albums in recent memory with Special Affections. While the album was a glammy, electro pop masterpiece, it turns out beneath John O'Regan's glittery persona lies a humble folk singer.

A recent performance on Q TV finds the singer going the acoustic route on "Something Else." While the original bumped along to pre-programmed dance club beats, this tender, Americana-style take on the number would be well suited for a quiet morning at the coffee shop.

That's no slag, though. Sometimes, as O'Regan demonstrates here, you just need to chill.

You can check out Diamond Rings' lighter side, as well as a quick Q&A with host Jian Ghomeshi, below.