The Diableros Call It Quits

The Diableros Call It Quits
Back in 2006, Toronto, ON-based indie crew the Diableros rocked their way into Canada's hearts with their fuzzy, shoegazing debut album, You Can't Break the Strings in Our Hearts. Since then, they dropped a sophomore record and have been hard at work on a third album. But that has been stopped in its tracks: the band have announced they're throwing in the towel.

Diableros frontman Pete Carmichael broke the news over Twitter, writing, "And just like that, the fire went out. Much love to the fans, friends & family who have supported The Diableros over the past few years."

Carmichael also tweeted that the members will "continue to stay active musically," then linked to a statement on the band's official MySpace, which reads as follows:

Due to creative differences, we have decided to call it a day. The Diableros are done.

We've had a great few years of fun playing in Toronto and around Canada. We've made many great friends in other bands and are grateful for their ruling rock and their support over the years. However, when being in a band starts to cause more stress than pleasure, you need to re-evaluate why you are doing it.

We'd been hard at work preparing to make a new album, but unfortunately the fun wasn't there. There's certainly been good times, but the overall feeling was tense and hard to shake. Perhaps this is what happens when you put together five people who are all creative in very different ways -- maybe it's just too much energy. Either way, it wasn't working; we couldn't fix it.

We're sorry to those who were hoping we'd be around for a long time, but it's time for us to move on and put that energy into other endeavors.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

Earlier this week, Carmichael posted a candid account of how his band have changed over the years, and his struggle to survive as a working musician despite his love of writing and performing. The full account can be read here.

Thanks to CBC Radio 3 for the tip.