The Details Head to the Toilets for 'Bathroom Sessions'

The Details Head to the Toilets for 'Bathroom Sessions'
When we go to clubs, we typically spend as little time in the bathroom as possible because, y'know, they tend to be kind of gross. The Details don't have such qualms, however. The Winnipeg band have been filming performances in the bathroom of every club they hit while on tour for a series called the Bathroom Sessions, and they're releasing the results online.

In a description accompanying the videos on YouTube, the band write, "One of the most important challenges touring bands face on a night-to-night basis is the 'bathroom situation' at a venue." The videos from each bathroom will act as a "point of reference for future tours, and perhaps become the venue bathroom wikiPEEdia for touring artists."

There's nothing quite like potty humour to remind us that we're not quite as grown up as we think we are.

The Details are currently nearing the end of their Canadian fall tour. At the bottom of this page, watch the band play the track "Lost Art" in the bathroom of Villains in Windsor, ON. The performance took place just two days ago, on Sunday (November 20). Be sure to watch until the end for the big reveal that shows where bassist Keli Martin has been hiding the whole time.

Go to the band's YouTube channel to check out more clips from the Bathroom Sessions and scope out the toilet situation at various clubs across the country.

The Details play tonight (November 22) in Toronto at the Supermarket. See the scheduled dates below.

Tour dates:

11/22 Toronto, ON - The Super Market
11/24 Quebec City, QC - Scanner Bistro
11/25 Rimouski, QC - Bar Le Campus
11/26 Ottawa, ON - Zaphod Beeblebrox
12/22 Winnipeg, MB - Park Theatre