Destroyalldreamers A Coeur Leger Sommeil Sanglant

Not surprising in the least for this album of instrumental haziness is the choice of song titles, including the main title’s use of the words "heart,” "light,” "awake” and "bloody.” Overwrought and emotional? Yes, but to an acceptable degree. Two songs that have excellent and very apt titles are "The Sky was Glorious for a Moment” and "Swirling Colours Sink,” and both of these are highlights of this beguiling album. With "Sky,” the shy, overlapping guitars easily give a feeling of forward motion, and would easily fit on a road trip that has decided against the usual 401 route and goes for the slower, but lovelier Highway 3 instead. Utilising a mix of classic shoegazing My Bloody Valentine and ringing guitar choruses à la GY!BE, the sound of Destroyalldreamers isn’t the most original, but the way it’s composed makes them a strong addition to the ever-growing field. The second of great titles, "Swirling,” also gives a feeling of motion, but this time things are taut and tension-filled, as the guitars and drums play around and tease, but never fully fulfil the awaited sonic assault. Most of the songs on Coeur are up to the level of emotion and craftsmanship of these two songs, making the entire album almost seamless in its cloudy, intense sound. Betraying their name, there will be many listeners dreaming to these haunting soundscapes, with their light, bloody and — most importantly — wide awake hearts. (Where Are My Records)