Despite All the Rumours, the Verve Say They're Not Splitting

Despite All the Rumours, the Verve Say They're Not Splitting
Despite their well-noted fondness for disagreeing, the Verve have addressed fans and assured them that the band are not about to break-up for the third time. This past summer found the band cancelling some dates, which led folks to speculate about the harmony in the band's camp. According to bassist Simon Jones, the rumours are not true — this time around.

Speaking with the Daily Star, Jones said, "I don’t think any of us would be that careless again. If we have a disagreement, we’ll work through it. It won’t be: ‘Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and fuck you.’ It means the world to me to do this. I’m not going to lie and say that everything’s all of a sudden easy in this band. We still do have our disagreements about things but we’re a bit more mature and better able to deal with it.”

The Wigan band, who made their official comeback last month with their first album in 11 years, Forth, have recently been in the press for a number of different reasons, including their inability to commit to extensive tours and a minor injury, the stories behind both of which were blown out of proportion.

The band recently admitted their reason for not hitting the road properly has to do with front-man Richard Ashcroft's smoking habit and not the band's relations. According to Jones, Ashcroft's addiction affects his performance. "I really feel for Richard because he smokes and that's hard when you've got phlegm on your lungs and you get a cold or whatever," he told the Daily Star.

"I know that he struggles, especially when we've got a lot of gigs on the run. We're not really made to do that. We can't do that physically."

Jones also spoke out about guitarist Nick McCabe's finger injury, which was reported to be serious enough that he could lose the appendage. McCabe required urgent medical attention during an August gig in Osaka, Japan after injuring his hand. "He did hurt his finger, he cut it on a slither of glass. He knocked over a champagne glass and he was picking it up and he cut himself on a sharp piece of glass. It's no fucking big deal at all," he told the paper.

"Because we split up and all these things happened, everyone thinks there's something strange going on all the time. It didn't affect any gigs. He didn't cut his finger, so it wasn't a real big issue at all."

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