Despistado The People Of and Their Verses

Much will be made of what this band could have been, and rightfully so. After a promising indie EP that was quickly picked up and re-released by Jade Tree, these boys from Regina seemed poised to create a great impression and some even greater music. Certainly no one could have predicted that after recording their Jade Tree debut, they would part ways, leaving a wonderful record to rest in the place of all that could have been. Now an online-only release, The People Of represents a perfect growth from the dance-y indie rock of The Emergency Response, mixing their passionate songwriting with restrained instrumentation. The result is the ability to hear the energy of every blast of guitar and every shouted melody, as on tracks like "The Memory Of This History,” where a wonderfully danceable beat mixes with the gentle sound of a piano tinkering in the background and inspired lyrical content. Marked by some incredible sonic experimentation, such as the use of backwards sounds on "My Definition of a Tragedy,” Despistado’s true strength lies in their songs and the passion that pours into every last one. For this, they will be missed. (Jade Tree)