Descendents Slowly Working on New Album

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 5, 2013

Since reuniting in 2010, famed California pop-punk progenitors Descendents have been busy playing shows, as well as promoting their long-in-the-works Filmage documentary. Now, following a three-year old rumour, the group have finally shared some info on a new album.

The record, which would mark the band's first since 2004's Cool to Be You, is slowly coming together, according to drummer (and accomplished producer) Bill Stevenson.

In a new interview with Under the Gun [via Punknews], Stevenson offered the following update:

[The record is] in the embryonic stages. I have my studio, The Blasting Room, Stephen [Egerton] lives in Tulsa, and he has a studio too. Milo [Aukerman] even has a real small recording apparatus in his basement. Karl [Alvarez] still lives by me.

So I went in a couple of weeks ago and recorded, so we got 11 songs done, [but] just the drums. We'll be passing those around, Stephen will be putting guitars on 'em, Karl will be putting bass on 'em, Milo will be singing on 'em. We'll get rolling but it's not gonna be like "Oh it'll be done in a month!" It's gonna take us several months.

From the sounds of it, we probably won't be getting a new Descendents record in 2013. But the fact that there's one coming at all is exciting enough.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for their documentary Filmage below.

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