Derrick L. Carter/Various Nearest Hits & Greatest Misses

Even the hardest of techno-house fans can handle a little progressive set once in a while. This LP offers up just that with its non-stop progressive tech-house sound. It has a very old school feel. But on the other hand, there is something indescribably current about other parts of this comp. Those of us old enough to vividly remember living the ’80s will be taken back into time with Carter’s extended remix of Human League’s "Don’t You Want Me,” mind you, it sounds practically the same as the original, but a classic never gets tired, no matter how subtle the remix. Some other progressive house notables that make an appearance in this DJ’s mixed set are Roy Davis Jr., Modjo and Blair. There are elements of this CD that stray into the realm of mindless repetitive electronica, but perhaps the title Nearest Hits & Greatest Misses is more succinctly named than initially thought as this release is often somewhere lost between the two. (Classic)