Department of Eagles Sign to 4AD, Prep Second Album

Department of Eagles Sign to 4AD, Prep Second Album
As Grizzly Bear get to work on their ”poppy” new album, one-quarter of the experimental folk act is branching out on his own. Daniel Rossen has announced that he will be pairing up with old friend Fred Nicolaus and releasing the duo’s second Department of Eagles LP, titled In Ear Park.

Due out October 7 on 4AD, Department of Eagles’ sophomore effort follows the well-received 2003 outing, The Cold Nose, which the two put out way before Yellow House shot Grizzly Bear into indie rock stardom. On In Ear Park, all of the Grizzly Bear members helped out here and there, with the band’s Chris Taylor even recording the album.

Here’s what Rossen had to say about the new Department of Eagles:

In Ear Park has been in the making in one form or another for several years now, on and off tour and after work. A lot of these songs felt way too personal to bring to Grizzly Bear — there's a lot of childhood nostalgia and an emphasis on more concise songwriting. Fred and I had license to try some things that I could never get away with otherwise, but we still went for the lushness and attention to sonic detail that Chris and I always want out of a recording. I'm excited.

Tracklising for Department of Eagles’ In Ear Park:

1. "In Ear Park”
2. "No One Does It”
3. "Phantom Other”
4. "Teenagers”
5. "Around the Bay”
6. "Herring Bone”
7. "Classical Records”
8. "Waves of Rye”
9. "Interlude”
10. "Floating on the Lehigh”
11. "Balmy Night”