Department of Eagles Announce <i>Archive 2003-2006</i>

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Apr 12, 2010

Now that all the buzz over Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest has died down, it looks like it's time to start focusing back on those side-projects. Or at least that's the case with Department of Eagles, the project helmed by Grizzly Bear's Daniel Rossen and Fred Nicolaus.

While the duo don't have a newly recorded full-length coming our way, they do have an archival release, simply dubbed Archive 2003-2006. In North America, the record is being released via American Dust, who describes the album as "the long gestating release of the sessions originally intended to be Department of Eagles' second album." This means, the LP is made up formerly scrapped tracks recorded after their 2003 debut LP, The Cold Nose, but before their 2008 breakthrough effort In Ear Park.

To cut and paste a bit more from the label's press release. "Waggish and at times breathtakingly intimate, this set showcases the development of Department of Eagles' detailed approach to crafting sounds. Archive 2003-2006 captures their songwriting at a few moments of critical development and provides the template for the ambitious, sprawling pop of their later accomplishments."

The album is due out on July 20 but you can currently pre-order it over here

Archive 2003-2006:

1. "Practice Room Sketch 1"

2. "Deadly Disclosure"

3. "While We're Young"

4. "Grand Army Plaza"

5. "Practice Room Sketch 2"

6. "Brightest Minds"

7. "Practice Room Sketch 3"

8. "Flip"

9. "Practice Room Sketch 4 (Tired Hands)"

10. "Golden Apple"

11. "Practice Room Sketch 5"

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