Denison Witmer Are You A Dreamer?

After making a more rock-oriented album as part of The River Bends last time out, singer-songwriter Witmer returns to a quieter place on this new release, one that harkens back to his grossly overlooked 2002 masterpiece Philadelphia Songs. Although at that time he was being touted as the next Elliott Smith, on Are You A Dreamer? Witmer finally seems to have shed that tag, crafting ten songs built around his intricate acoustic guitar figures and vocal melodies. Perhaps not as immediately striking as his past work, the unhurried pace of Dreamer eventually sinks in, with songs like "East From West” and the title track standing out through their subdued tension. Unfortunately, this may now lead to Witmer getting comparisons to Iron & Wine, but with his burgeoning catalogue of excellent work, it is hopefully only a matter of time before Witmer is recognised as a great artist in his own right. (Militia Group)