The Demonics Demons On Wheels

These California boys play pure pop punk with a fixation on cartoonish horror themes as well as hot-rod culture. The music is hard driving in a Ramones kind of way, making it easy to compare them to bands like the Groovy Ghoulies or the Mr T Experience. This record is a "tribute" to '60s biker films, so it's no surprise to see song titles like "She Devil's On Wheels" (not a cover) and "Motorgeddon" on the CD jacket. All the songs are originals here except a run-through of the Beach Boys' "Little Honda," which suits these guys style of playing perfectly. There is, of course, a fuzzed-out biker movie theme-style instrumental entitled "Dustin' the Fuzz," which furthers the concept of the record along. The only problem with this band is that the lead singer's "nice guy" vocal style can get a little annoying after a while, so only true fans of California pop punk should really check this out. (Man’s Ruin)