Demdike Stare Symbiosis

Two of Manchester's finest ― Miles Whittaker (MLZ) and Sean Cantry (one of Manchester's most colorful vinyl collectors) ― have joined forces to create one of the year's best collaborative ventures with Demdike Stare. This debut album from the duo, Symbiosis, is a lesson in any and everything subsonic. The cinematic intro of "Suspicious Drone" sets the mood with its lush, icy reverberations and hauntingly chilly pulses, which captivate even the deepest corners of the mind. Cantry and Whittaker keep the drum beats at bay for most of the album, focusing mainly on atmosphere and space. Light dustings of dub rhythms appear on numerous tracks, acting as a guiding light, while the duo take you into unfamiliar sonic territory. Each track is a subtle journey leading gently into the next ― moments of beautiful, looping melodic overtones give the listener a curious feeling of adventure and discovery. Symbiosis will occupy a permanent spot beside your favorite Boards of Canada albums and should be in constant rotation for moments of deep thought and reflection. (Modern Love)