Deleted Scenes "You Get to Say Whatever You Want" (Love Drunk session video)

Deleted Scenes 'You Get to Say Whatever You Want' (Love Drunk session video)
Photo: JJ Dreier
Deleted Scenes are currently out on tour supporting their Nevado Records debut Lithium Burn, and they are showing us what we can expect from an onstage appearance with a new, live-off-the-floor Love Drunk session vid for the record's "You Get to Say Whatever You Want."

Performed on a blackened Omaha soundstage, the band plow through the slow-mo slacker-pop song with an almost Pavement-ish aplomb. As spacious and fuzzed-out guitar chords careen around the arrangement, frontman Daniel Scheuerman twists his lips around the mic to spit personal lines, contorting his vocal chords from a soft and sassy tone to a more anguished cry.

"Lots has been said and conjectured and assumed about this song, which is fine," Scheuerman said in a statement. "It's sung from a complex perspective: angry and indignant, monstrous and just. It's a personal song with a political metaphor, but it's ultimately about conflict and the messy business of remembering that other people are human beings."

Check out the video for yourself below.

Deleted Scenes hit Toronto's Drake Hotel tonight (May 16) and Montreal's Petit Cafe Campus tomorrow. You'll find info on more U.S. dates over here.