Dein Schatten Das Ewige Eis

Dein Schatten, meaning Your Shadow, takes dark music to new depths through a German blend of industrial and gothic sounds. Dieter Bornschlegel (aka BornZero) is the creator of this project, and also the only artist credited. Although performing music since the late ‘60s, Bornschlegel is not stuck in a time warp, a fact made apparent through Das Ewige Eis’ progressive sound. In "Ewiges Eis” synth beats accentuate an aggressive marching anthem while the self-titled "Dein Schatten” showcases Bornschlegel’s ’80s goth influences. "Das Tier” is an orchestral barrage of shadowy tastiness, sounding angry and ominous through harsh vocals and savage guitar additions. Probably the most conspicuous song is "My Name is Luc(if)a,” which flaunts a sinister organ grinder spewing out the introduction for an eerie, tongue-in-cheek, German sung cover of Suzanne Vega’s "Tom’s Diner.” In fact every song on this album is written in German so the meaning behind the lyrics will be lost to many listeners. But Bornschlegel seems to know that good music will speak for itself, and his vocals would be effective no matter what language was behind them. Das Ewige Eis is a unique and diverse album that is definitely worth a listen. Fans of all dark music genres will be able to find something enjoyable here. (Bdd Boyzz Roxx)