Deftones Now Eying November Release for New Album

Deftones Now Eying November Release for New Album
Chino Moreno recently brought back his project Team Sleep for a new release, but now he's turned his attention to his better-known band Deftones. The alt-metal group had already suggested that an album was in the works, and now he's revealed that recording in finished and a fall release date has apparently been picked.

Moreno told WSOU [via The PRP], "You know what they told me, I think it's the 20th [of November]. Don't quote me on that though."

Previously, he had suggested that it might drop on September 25, but now that the music is almost entirely ready to go, this date seems a little more reliable.

"As of today, we are rushing to get our thank-yous, our credits, and all that stuff turned in. There's a lot of that stuff. Once the music's turned in, which should be hopefully in the next couple of weeks. There is still some mixing and stuff to be done, and mastering obviously. But the recording's all done, the songs are there, they're written, recorded, they're awesome. We're excited about it. We're just dealing with the stuff now, putting all the artwork and everything together. And then, a few months for them — the powers that be — to prepare it to be released. And once that happens, we'll be out playing it, hopefully."

Regarding the sound, the singer explained that band member Sergio Vega played a six-string bass on much the album, and Moreno described the instrument as sounding like more a baritone guitar than a bass.

Previously, Deftones revealed that Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell pitched in during the sessions. When the album arrives, it will be the follow-up to 2012's Koi No Yokan.