Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell to Guest on New Deftones LP

Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell to Guest on New Deftones LP
Alt-metal mainstays Deftones have revealed that Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell was invited into the recording studio to throw down a solo on their next LP.

Though there are still a few gaps in the story, Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno explained to 92.3 KOMP FM [via Blabbermouth] that he'd approached the grunge icon to play on a new as-yet-untitled track.

"I didn't know if he wanted anybody to know or not. But I guess I've just spilled the beans," Moreno said, further revealing, "There's this one track that… in the demo stages of it, I was, like, 'There's this hole in there.'"

Moreno added that while "there's not really any guitar solos" in Deftones, he felt there was a section of the song that "could use something like what [Cantrell] does."

With Cantrell obviously understanding what it's like to be, ahem, "Down in a Hole," he helped out his fellow tourmates by first adding some guitar playing to the demo recording and later came into the recording studio to put down a proper solo. It's as-yet unclear if he was standing at the time, or if the band asked him to sit in the studio's "Angry Chair." Moreno did offer up that the solo is "awesome."

"It's like you're hearing a Deftones song, but all of a sudden a little bit of Alice in Chains seeps its way in there, and it's kind of neat. I mean, me, as a fan, I was just sitting back and a little tear came out of my eye."

The full details have yet to arrive behind Deftones' currently untitled eighth studio LP. Last month, Moreno revealed that it's expected to land September 25. It will be the band's first full-length effort since 2012's Koi No Yokan.

As recently reported, the band have just been added to this summer's Edgefest Summer Concert Series, with a performance at Toronto's TD Echo Beach taking place July 29. It had previously been revealed that they'll be heading to Montebello, QC in June for the Amnesia Rockfest. You'll find all of the band's upcoming tour dates, including a U.S. run with Incubus, over here.