Deerhoof "Paradise Girls" (video)

Deerhoof 'Paradise Girls' (video)
After serving up the skewed funk-pop of La Isla Bonita earlier in the month, adventurists Deerhoof are now introducing us to the equally odd titular characters to the set's "Paradise Girls" in a new video.

To the sounds of the track's quirky backbeat and electric shock six-stringing, we find iridescent Deerhoof member Satomi Matsuzaki busting out some classic hip-hop dance moves as she ushers a series of larval figures out from a warehouse and into the open. There, the pink flesh sacks sip on coffee and tumble down a hill before blooming into a bling-toothed dance troupe.

You'll find the funky adventure down below.

Deerhoof's North American tour brings them to Vancouver's Fortune Sound Club on Saturday (November 22). You'll find all of trip details here.