Deep Dish George is On

The Grammy Award-winning duo of Ali Shirazinia and Sharem Tayebi, better known as Deep Dish, are a real staple in dance music, attaching their name to just about every artist out there in need of a remix. Though they’ve been in commission for 13 years, George is On is only their second full-length, as they’ve dedicated most of their career to mix discs and remixes. Known mostly as purveyors of deep house, George is On is a smorgasbord of different styles that forges a consistent mix. Focusing heavily on melding pop, rock and house, the pair are always out to produce the next club hit, which might just be their downfall as they constantly fall into the trap of the usual clichés. Case in point is "Flashdance,” the recent international smash that found inspiration from the ’80s film of the same name — though it’s not as obvious as you’d think. Tacked onto the end of the disc though is a much more obvious mash-up mix (and blatant cash-in), "Flashing for Money,” which nicks the riff from Dire Straits’ "Money for Nothing” and unfortunately, only scars the rest of the album. Speaking of cashing in, they also pair up with Stevie Nicks, who lends her pipes for a cover of her former band’s "Dreams.” Though it appears that Deep Dish are absent of an original bone in their two bodies, that assumption is only half right. They have a knack for following a blueprint and conjuring up predictable house favourites, one after another. The overall feel of this sophomore effort is far too cheesy and saturated in mediocrity to enjoy on a regular basis, leading me to understand exactly why they’re renowned for their mixes instead of their "originals.” (SPG)