The Deep Dark Woods Announce 'Jubilee'

The Deep Dark Woods Announce 'Jubilee'
After popping up in a film adaptation Nicholas Sparks's Safe Heaven earlier this year, Canadian folk figures the Deep Dark Woods are now ready to get back to releasing music. The band have a new LP called Jubilee on the way, and the celebration begins October 1.

A press release from Six Shooter Records notes that the outfit recorded the new LP in a cabin near Bragg Creek, AB, but adds that the neo-psychedelic direction of the record owes as much to the sound of Laurel Canyon as it does the Rockies. This is said to have to do with bringing current California folk scene revivalist/producer Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty) behind the boards.

"His involvement with some musicians who have had an influence on us also tipped us off that maybe this was the right guy. They had a vast knowledge of the equipment and techniques that were used to make some of our favourite records," drummer Lucas Goetz said in a statement of working with Wilson and engineer Bryce Gonzales for the two-week recording session.

  Most of the set was apparently recorded live off the floor, with the psych vibe getting amped up via the use of '60s period-piece synthesizers like the Novachord and the Celesta. Singer/guitarist Ryan Boldt handled the bulk of the lyric writing, while songwriting duties were shared between him, Goetz, bassist Chris Mason, former guitarist Burke Barlow and his replacement, Clayton Linthicum.

Song samples have yet to arrive in full, but you can get an idea of what to expect via the trailer down below.

Tour dates behind Jubilee are expected to be announced sometime before the LP arrives.

The Deep Dark Woods' last full-length was 2011's The Place I Left Behind.