Dee Snider Launches Campaign to "Take Back the Horns"

Dee Snider Launches Campaign to 'Take Back the Horns'
While we folks at Exclaim! can't admit to having perfect taste ourselves, we haven't always been fond of everything former Twisted Sister front-man Dee Snider has been a part of. That Christmas album? Please...

Still, we are entirely behind him on this one. The blond leader of the pack is attempting to reclaim the heavy metal hand symbol commonly referred to as "throwin' the horns."

After becoming aware of its blatant misuse by non-metal people this past year, Snider has declared on his new website Take Back the Horns that "the horns" were created as a symbol of unity and nonconformist mentality by headbangers around the world. But people are now misappropriating the sign for their own purposes, so he is going to call people up on the carpet for it.

Using several personal observations as fodder for the campaign, he has set up the afore-linked site where bangers can join in on getting back what's rightfully theirs. He also slams Bon Jovi as the reason the whole ordeal started in the first place.

Seriously, it's funny. And chances are, if you're reading this, you already knew who Snider was and adore him on some nostalgic/non-ironic level. You also probably remember when Twisted Sister were actually cool, i.e., didn't wear those garish dayglow outfits. Either way, you deserve to be a part of the cause.

They said it first. "You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll:"