The Decemberists

"The Great Outdoors" (on <i>Yo Gabba Gabba</i>)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 2, 2011

Kids show Yo Gabba Gabba has a rich history of inviting cool music acts onboard to perform for the little ones. From Broken Social Scene to Biz Markie, the program has turned kids onto some stylish tunes. Portland, OR rockers the Decemberists are the latest group to jump into the wonderful world of children's programming, with animal-friendly new tune "The Great Outdoors."

Although they aren't featured in the clip themselves, the band provide a jaunty, piano-driven power pop number for the psychedelic animated vid. In it, kids get a crash course on the housing statuses of our giraffe, ape and rhinoceros friends, among others. Neon jungles, for instance, prove to be the best place to settle down, if you're a snake.

Check out the hummable lesson below, courtesy of Rolling Stone.

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