Debo Band 'Debo Band' (album stream)

Debo Band 'Debo Band' (album stream)
The folks at Sub Pop sure are branching out these days. Not only did the traditionally rock-oriented label release one of its first hip-hop records last year, but on July 10 it will put out the self-titled debut album by Debo Band, an 11-piece Ethiopian funk ensemble from Boston.

Debo Band, who formed in 2006, are fronted by Bruck Tesfaye. Their self-titled LP was recorded at Pawtucket, RI's Machines with Magnets studio with Gogol Bordello's Thomas "Tommy T" Gobena serving as producer, and it was mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Joe LaPorta.

Debo Band's official biography describes the sound featured on this album as a "groundbreaking take on Ethiopian pop music (think Ethiopiques), which incorporates traditional scales and vocal styles, alongside American soul and funk rhythms, and instrumentation reminiscent of Eastern European brass bands -- accordion, violins, horns and drums."

Listen to the entire album below and, if you're suitably impressed, order a copy of Debo Band on CD or vinyl directly from Sub Pop.

UPDATE: This stream was available for one week only and is no longer available.