Death Grips "True Vulture" (video)

Death Grips 'True Vulture' (video)
Not only did Death Grips recently leak their new album, No Love Deep Web, to their label's apparent chagrin, but the Sacramento doom rappers promised that they would be unveiling an animated collaboration for their recent track "True Vulture." That animated clip has now arrived.

The cartoon accompanying this electro-rap track is a major departure from Death Grips' usual visual aesthetic. Sure, it's surreal, anti-materialistic, and occasionally a little grotesque, but the brightly coloured animation looks nothing like the grimy visual assaults we're used to from the group.

The video was created by Galen Pehrson using digitally coloured hand drawings. Pitchfork notes that Death Grips' song was created specifically for this collaboration. Voices were provided by actress Jena Malone.