Death Grips "I've Seen Footage" (video)

Death Grips 'I've Seen Footage' (video)
Hype behind L.A. rap trio Death Grips' debut disc The Money Store has hit a fever pitch, with the album under a week away from its April 24 release date on Epic. While you may have already caught the full album stream on Exclaim!, the group have dropped a new video for "I've Seen Footage."

The song itself colludes via a tinny snap beat, wild and wobbly synth sounds and vocalist Stefan "MC Ride" Burnett gruffly spat raps. As for the video, it's a stop-motion collage of several hundred snapshots seemingly taken in the studio and on the road.

We've been pushing the pause button for the last 10 minutes or so, and we've seen some shots of the crew hanging out at diners, drummer Zach Hill propped up behind his kit, some sidewalk naps, and lots and lots of Death Grips graffiti.

Check it out below.