Death Grips "Birds"

Death Grips 'Birds'
Death Grips will apparently issue a new LP sometime in 2014 via their own Thirdworlds imprint, but the controversy-stirring rap oddities have started the party a little early by streaming seriously weird new single "Birds."

Parts of the track run by on stark and scary synth runs and almost Prodigy-esque screams, while elsewhere rapper Stefan "MC Ride" Burnett delivers downtrodden bars about a dead bluebird and drinking bleach as melted guitar melodies drip out of the speakers. Oh, and there's a double-time industrial punk beat in there too, just in case you thought the track wasn't idiosyncratic enough. It's all kinds of peculiar, and potentially a good sign of what to expect in the new year.

You can stream the experimental new tune down below.