Dear Nora Skulls Example

Dear Nora Skulls Example
After a decade-long break, songwriter Katy Davidson delivers a dynamic and minimal sound on Skulls Example. This time around, Davidson draws inspiration from the connection of modern human experience to the natural world. An album about humanity, and what it feels like to experience sorrow and bliss all in one day, make Skulls Example an engaging and mesmerizing listen.
Davidson doesn't stray far from the light, breezy melodies of their earlier work. "Sunset on Humanity" is a timeless track about what it feels like to grasp onto hope when the odds are against you. A steady rock song with trills of bent guitar lines and emotionally rich vocals, Davidson croons, "It's all within reach / I believe, I believe, I believe" as if they sing to convince themselves and the listener.
The sound of honeyed bass and acoustic guitar on "Morning Glories" feels like a warm hug, as you're serenaded by Davidson's bouncy vocals. Pummelling drum beats and thick riffs on "Black Truck" give off riot grrrl vibes, keeping things fresh. As a veteran of indie folk, you can hear Davidson's influence of atmospheric slow anthems on acclaimed rockers like Frankie Cosmos and Girlpool.
Many tracks on Skulls Example have a feel-good vibe initially, but when you listen closely, Davidson has arranged lyrically engaging songs that suggest that not everything is as it seems. (Orindal Records)