Dean Malenkos Arse Capades

The sub-genre of "joke punk" is generally much maligned and ignored by both critics and "serious" punkers alike. And even though they may be wise in doing so most of the time, occasionally exceptions arise. And a record by an unknown band with a title like Arse Capades, featuring a portly fellow in a speedo wearing a construction hat on the cover, may be worthy of derision on first glance. The Malenkos tear through their songs at a frenetic pace that crosses the Rhythm Pigs with the zip of Descendents songs like "Der Wienerschnitzel" and a scoop of puerile humour on top. Despite the lowbrow antics contained in songs like "Corpses On My Mind" and "I Don't Wanna Cum On Your Face," this stuff is still catchy. (Aggravated)