Deadmau5 Sues Play Records over Allegedly Unauthorized Remixes

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 27, 2015

In the last couple of years, EDM star deadmau5 has been involved in legal clashes with Disney and a Toronto Fringe Festival musical. Now, the producer also known as Joel Zimmerman has set his sights on Play Records, as he has filed a multi-million dollar suit against the Toronto company over some allegedly unauthorized remixes.

Play Records is run by Meleny "Melleefresh" Brown, who signed deadmau5 to a management and publishing deal way back in 2006. When Zimmerman moved on to new management, he handed ownership of his early tracks over to Play in 2008. Evidently, he stipulated at the time that he had to give consent in order for the company to commission any new remixes of his work.

According to the suit, "The Settlement Agreement expressly provided that Zimmerman did not waive his moral rights with respect to any so-called future remixes — if any were to be made — because by definition any future remix had not been created yet. Thus, Zimmerman would have no way of knowing in advance whether they were objectionable or whether he would want his name disassociated with them; i.e. in order to protect his right of paternity to remain anonymous and not be associated with them." Remixes created prior to 2008 were fair game, since deadmau5 had retained quality control over those.

It seems that Play has been releasing newly created remixes of deadmau5's songs without his consent. As such, Zimmerman is suing for $10 million in damages for each breach, alleging breach of contract, infringement of moral rights and trademark claims. The legal papers can be seen here.

The suit was filed in Ontario today (October 26). Below, listen to some deadmau5 remixes that Play released last year.

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