Deadmau5 Returns with New Album

Deadmau5 Returns with New Album
Canadian EDM star deadmau5 recently dropped a new track called "There Might Be Coffee," and now the mouse-headed beatmaker also known as Joel Zimmerman has confirmed that this song is part of an upcoming full-length. The dismissively named >album title goes here< is out on September 25 via Ultra Music.

The album includes the Chris James-featuring recent single "The Veldt" and the Cypress Hill-assisted "Failbait." Other guest appearances come from Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, Imogen Heap and Wolfgang Gartner. You can hear the Way-featuring "Professional Griefers" at the bottom of the page.

Above is the hilarious artwork, and below is the tracklist. The album title bears a distinct similarity to the past deadmau5 LP name Random Album Title.

This latest announcement comes just a few days after deadmau5 wrote on his blog that he was "gunna slam on the breaks for a bit and force myself to endure some quiet time."

>album title goes here<:

1 Superliminal

2 Channel 42 (ft. Wolfgang Gartner)

3 The Veldt (ft. Chris James)

4 Fn Pig

5 Professional Griefers (ft. Gerard Way)

6 Maths

7 There Might Be Coffee

8 Take Care of the Proper Paperwork

9 Closer

10 October

11 Sleepless

12 Failbait (ft. Cypress Hill)

13 Telemiscommunications (ft. Imogen Heap)