Deadbolt Hobo Babylon

Deadbolt, the self-described scariest band in the world, has always been big on theme records. From the jungle-surf hoodoo of Zulu Death Mask to the Red Sovine country-inspired Voodoo Trucker, there's always a larger than life, corny B-movie quality to the material. This time around the focus is on the rail-riding, freedom-loving subculture of the hobo. The title track is a portrait of brutal hobo justice and introduces the listener to the terms "Twisted Skipper‚" "Curly Hand" and "Wine Stain‚" which are all gruesome and enfeebling "rummy" punishments. As with their previous efforts, the overall sound here is haunting surf rock with spoken vocals, which creates a dark, lounge-y mood. Most of the tunes are story-songs and "Patches Rides the Rail" and "Drunk Guy On The Train" both have a strong narrative quality. A creepy, sometimes funny record to what would best be listened to in the dark. (Headhunter)