The Dead Weather Unload Live EP

The Dead Weather Unload Live EP
These days, you have to keep one eye on Jack White at all times. Look away for even a second and he'll knock you over the head with a new project, band, album, record label, record store, last-minute show or grand plan of one sort or another. So, it shouldn't surprise anyone that not only are the Dead Weather already halfway through recording a new album, but they've just released a Live EP.

The EP is named Live From Third Man West, after Jack's short-lived recording studio in L.A., and will feature live performances of songs from the group's debut, Horehound. The album is available from iTunes now and includes four live videos and five songs, including a cover of metal band Pentagram's "Forever My Queen."

Any fan who's seen the Dead Weather live will know that this EP is worth checking out. It's no full-length LP, but you shouldn't have to wait too long for that anyway.

Live From Third Man West:

1. "Forever My Queen" (Pentagram cover)
2. "Hang You From the Heavens"

3. "I Cut Like a Buffalo"

4. "So Far From Your Weapon"

5. "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

6. "Hang You From the Heavens" (video)

7. "I Cut Like a Buffalo" (video)

8. "So Far From Your Weapon" (video)

9. "Treat Me Like Your Mother" (video)