Dead Man's Chest & Posse SNKR018

Dead Man's Chest & Posse SNKR018
"Dusty early '90s mixtape nostalgia." That is how UK jungle and drum & bass producer Alex Eveson describes the music released under his Dead Man's Chest alias. Maybe in an attempt to conjure up the euphoria of past raves, his production has consistently recalled the legendary Dreamscape events of the early '90s, now immortalized on cassette recordings.
This revival continues in this new release brought to us by Dead Man's Chest & Posse on the rave-focused Sneaker Social Club label. His "posse" consists of Sonic, Response and Coco Bryce — three of the biggest names in old school junglism — upon whom he has called to collaborate. Just as expected, the results are strong.
It is Response who contributes to the best track, with his and Eveson's "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes." Stylistically, it harkens back to that ephemeral and nebulous transitional phase between old school hardcore and jungle from about 1993. At just under 150 bpm, its steady four-on-the-floor beat and repetitive bleeps from techno are interwoven with rolling breaks, an energetic riff and an immense bass line that will light up any warehouse party.
The other tracks are no slouches. The Sonic collaboration, "Pum Flex," explores the same ideas and is almost as good, making great use of ethereal-sounding synths. The remaining two on the B-side veer much closer to classic jungle, taking us to familiar territory. They might seem a little disappointing but only because of the strength of the A-side.
With modern drum & bass becoming more technical and ultra-polished, the warm glow of jungle nostalgia can be such a breath of fresh air, especially when it's done as effectively as it is here. Anybody needing a new fix of old school breaks should be more than happy with this release. (Sneaker Social Club)