Dead Fader

Corrupt My Examiner

BY Andrew Gordon MacphersonPublished May 25, 2010

The aggressive, noisy horror beats on Brighton's Dead Fader debut album, Corrupt My Examiner, form a broken arcade rhythm section with glitchy leads and vocalizations. With hardly a chord to be found, this music never tries to fool you into thinking it's concerned with harmony. If you listen closely, you may hear shades of hip-hop and dubstep gasping through a bit-crushed stranglehold. Opener "Autumn Rot" sets the tone with bubbling, distorted bass lines. "Red Question" is sure to get some fists pumping, and the punishing build-up of "No Thief" is so tense it'll have people begging for the drop. The average listener may find the record lacking the contrast and dynamics of your typical long-player; it is so sonically dense that listening can feel like cement drying in your sinuses. If the intention of Corrupt My Examiner is to terrorize and distress the listener, Dead Fader are on the right track. It is a thoroughly unsettling experience, and Dead Fader wouldn't want it any other way.

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