De-Phazz Days Of Tuang

Smooth and groovy as downtempo can be, Days of Tuang churns out the buttery bass and beats, hitting the groove with the old school sass and samples that have put Dephazz on over 100 compilations across the globe. Their seventh album, Days of Tuang, brings Pit Baumgartner and long-time vocal collaborators Barbara Lahr, Pat Appleton and Karl Frierson back for another Dephazz retake on old sounds paired with fresh beats. The resulting soul-tronica is easy listening, surefooted and jazz-laced, taking much of its up-tempo swing from straight-up reggae and country-rock fusions. Retaining much of its original groove and tuang, and finding its soul in unashamed and seamless samples of musical legends such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Nina Simone, Days of Tuang,/i> offers plenty of surprising fusions and danceable downtempo between sultry nu-jazz numbers. (Phazzadelic)