Dayglo Abortions

Death Race 2000

BY Stuart GreenPublished Oct 1, 1999

An album that should have celebrated the triumphant return of the mighty Cretin to Canada's pre-eminent scuzz-rock combo is merely more of the mid-tempo drunk-punk they've dished out on their last couple of records that's lewd and crude simply for its own sake. Of course, this band established itself as being the lewdest and crudest back in the days before Sleazy P. Martini thawed out GWAR and brought them to our planet. Albums like Feed Us A Fetus and Here Today... were vile, vulgar and funny as fucking shit. They also contained some of the best speed-metal hardcore going in the '80s. There are brief shining moments of that former brilliance here on “Oh Wendy O.” But the rest of Death Race 2000 just sounds uninspired, like they're forcing themselves to be provocative. Where are the “Religious Bumfucks,” the “Hide the Hamsters,” the “Kill the Hosers,” the “Argh Fuck My Shit Stinks” huh? Where, damn you? Better luck next time.

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