Daydream Nation Daydream Nation

Anyone who owns anything by the Jesus and Mary Chain or any other albums done in that same wall o’ sound/trainer-gazing Britpop fashion will find this sweeter than a deep fried Mars bar. The layers of nonchalant vocals and harmonies give them a touch of the ’60s Brit Invasion sound with more of the ’90s melodic grit brought to us by bands like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. "Daydream” and "Awake” are catchy, smooth, dreamy, fuzzy pop songs that could melt the sugar on anyone’s cake, but not all is as lush and sweet. "Swastika Eyes” rambles along in a cacophony of percussion and minor chords and "Shine” could easily be that lost J and M Chain track that we’ve all been waiting for. The fact this disc sounds like it was recorded in some little tin garage in their hometown of Ottawa makes it even cooler. This is the band we all dreamed of being in 1990. Kudos to Daydream Nation for actually doing it and superbly. (Elephant Stone)