David S. Ware Shakti

While the blues has long morphed and changed the face of modern music, its feeling and ability to shape shift according to expression continue to inform. This is not technically a blues release, with its many references and reverences to Hindu practice and theology, but David S. Ware's means of communication still reside firmly in the blues. The vocal quality of his tenor resounds with the sober spirituality and reflection that inform the spirit of this release. William Parker's bass work is clear and attentive to every move of the soloist, and Warren Smith's drum music is a wonder to hear, for its clarity and precision. The wild card, tonally, comes from Joe Morris's electric guitar work, which displays a toughness and vitality while standing apart from the acoustic entity of breath, wood and skin. Clear composition and strong, beautiful, connected improvising make this a most satisfying CD. (Aum Fidelity)