David Gilmour's Son Jailed over Involvement in Student Riots

David Gilmour's Son Jailed over Involvement in Student Riots
Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour's 21-year-old son, Charlie, was jailed today (July 15) for rioting in London last December. A British court handed down the decision to imprison the younger Gilmour for 16 months for taking part in the student fees protest that found him in a drug-fuelled rampage.

Reuters reports that Gilmour admitted violent disorder and was heard to have said "We're going to break all the laws" during the protests. He then seen hanging from a Union Jack flag on a war memorial, before hopping onto a Jaguar automobile carrying Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

While Charlie Gilmour's defence team tried to argue that he had not thrown a garbage can at the car, Judge Nicholas Price told Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court in southwest London that he decided Gilmour had in fact thrown the bin.

Gilmour was also accused of defacing a storefront and making off with the leg of a mannequin.

The defence's explanation for his unruly behaviour was that he was upset by being rejected by his biological father, writer Heathcote Williams, and ended up drinking and taking LSD and valium shortly before the protest began.

David Gilmour hasn't yet commented on today's decision.