David Fleming's 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' Score Is Beautifully Ambiguous

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BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 22, 2024

Viewers are understandably cynical about remakes and reboots these days, but Prime Video's Mr. & Mrs. Smith series is better than it has any right to be — and a big part of that is thanks to David Fleming's sleek, stylish score.

In a series of extreme juxtaposition, where romance coexists with car chases and gunfights, Fleming smartly plays up the emotional ambiguity of being a spy who grapples with (at least somewhat relatable) moral dilemmas.

Soundtrack opener "Meet Cute" decidedly defies expectations of a cinematic meet cute, its creepy plinks recalling a more fleshed-out version of something from Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume II. Elsewhere, the score shifts from anxiety-inducing electronica ("The Box," "Taxi!") to beautiful yet unnerving orchestrations ("Snooping," "Apres-Ski"), with some of the musical themes first heard on "Meet Cute" returning periodically across the 24-track album.

Fleming helps elevate Mr. & Mrs. Smith from a throwaway espionage caper to an emotionally resonant story full of richly developed characters — and his score is also perfect background music for people looking to make their work day a little more creepily beautiful.

(Sony Music)

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