Dave Fischoff The Ox and the Rainbow

What separates the Texas hushcore outfit Havergal from its peers is the bass-heavy drum machines and rhythms underlying the deconstructionist indie rock surface. The entire groove of "Hey" appears to be run backwards, sounding rather psychedelic, while "Type Written Trees" appears to lift a slowed-down sample of Gary Glitter's "Rock'n'Roll Part 2" in order to pair it with a rollicking Rhodes and lyrics about falling for somebody's mother. Engaging and haunting. Dave Fischoff, on the other hand, takes a similar low-key approach and ends up with a snooze-fest. The singing is both pretty and pretty droll, and it's about all that holds this together. Purposely obtuse song titles like "A Nap At Truthtime, Some Magic Slips Away" and "The Doctor Yawns For Columbus Day (Secretly Canadian)