Dave Douglas / Uri Caine / Andrew Cyrille Devotion

Dave Douglas / Uri Caine / Andrew Cyrille Devotion
Andrew Cyrille, Dave Douglas and Uri Caine comprise a serious power trio when it comes to their stature in the jazz art music community. Each has contributed to and moved music forward in major ways, and this release bristles with that virtuosity.
It all starts with a duet between Cyrille on drums and Caine on piano, romping through a tribute to a member of The Three Stooges, namely "Curly." This track sets the stage for the bed of drum and piano sympatico that pervades the music. While Caine plays a bit of the straight man in terms of playing the composition, Cyrille just dances throughout.
"D'Andrea" marks Douglas's entry, with his trumpet bluesing its way through the anthemic composition, and then the tone is set for a very wide palette. It makes sense that the pieces are mostly dedications to people Douglas knows and music he has loved.
Each piece has a definite personality and in the time taken, has plenty to say. While one could claim that it's "all over the map," the variety, from stately to bounce, is held together with grace and great good humour in the constant and intense interplay between the three. (Greenleaf Music)