Datsik / Terravita Club 919, Victoria, BC, November 14

Datsik / Terravita Club 919, Victoria, BC, November 14
Photo: Jason Schreurs
While only on the dubstep scene for a relatively short time (his first release was in 2009), Kelowna, BC's Datsik (aka Troy Beetles) has amassed himself a sizable following and some high-profile gigs. On the debut tour for his recently launched label, Firepower Records, Datsik and new signee Terravita attempted to tear apart a packed Club 919 in Victoria.

Terravita's set was heavy and bangin' and all of that, but their mixes appealed to the lowest common denominator of dubstep aficionado. There was the drum and bass Gotye mix (yeah, that song), the Star Wars references, the "I smoke two joints" Marley jam, and the dubstep rendition of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs."

Everything fit perfectly into place and not many risks were taken. A hardcore fuckery of Deftones' "My Own Summer (Shove It)" was the only mix that really resonated, and only because it was a bit off the beaten path. Terravita may not be the main focus of electro boys Hot Pink Delorean, but to give them credit, their original songs were quite strong. It's just too bad they were always sandwiched between tired jams.

Datsik hit the stage like a rock star, or Rocky Balboa, or both. Beetles' rise to prominence in the dubstep scene has been head-shakingly quick, and his set at this year's Shambhala has become near legend for its deep bass rumble. Shambs boys PK Sound are on site for the whole Firepower tour, and their top-quality sound equipment gave Datsik the, well, firepower he needed to blaze through a set of about 80 percent dubstep and enough drum and bass thrown in for good measure.

But it was his insistence on keeping things chill that won him honours. Frankly, the kids were just looking for that next sick beat to drop, but Datsik's personal self-indulgence is what ended up making his set. Yeah, his "California Love" remix was wonderful and had wicked breakdowns, but his true artistry has begun to poke its head out in a traditional live setting, and it's definitely something to watch for.